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We Love It When Celebrities We Didn’t Know Were Dating Suddenly Get Married

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By Lainey Bobainey|Pajiba Love|July 17, 2017|


This boy is discovering it tough to obtain worked with and I just do not understand why. Clearly he makes solid decisions. – ( Yahoo)Kate Mara and Jamie Bell got wed this weekend! Charming! Hey, did we understand they were dating? – ( Lainey)Soooo, R. Kelly may be even worse than all of us already believed he was. And grosser. Which, ew, how? By perhaps being a kind of cult leader? – ( Dlisted)Trump’s” Made in America Week” isn’t getting the response he was expecting. It’s completely getting the response * I * was hoping for! – ( The MarySue )Ariel Winter is getting shit for wearing shorts that some say are too tight. I do not have any concern with exactly what she wears, it’s her body, she can use whatever she desires. I believe a few of her sartorial choices are just effing fugly, however hey, she probably thinks my clothes are ugly. (RUDE, they are completely charming jammie pants, Ariel. GOD.) – ( Celebitchy)Have you ever lost a contact lens in your eye? Like, you thought it fell out, however it didn’t, it’s drifting around in your eye socket thing. Or, like, you were actually intoxicated last night and you’re quite sure you took your lenses out, since shit sure is fuzzy today, so, yeah, clearly you took your contacts out and now you put new contacts in. Oh, but wait, now your eye(s) feel scritchy and odd and blinking is occurring way more than is regular, ohgoddammit, you now have two lenses in your eye! This woman had TWENTY-SEVEN contact lenses in her eye. How does that? Exactly what do you? I indicate … huh. – ( Gizmodo)William and Kate (and the adorable little Cambridges) are in Poland. I like Kate’s gown and locket! ENJOY it. – ( GFY) How strong a bond is isolation? 2 kids bond over being the odd male out in their small rural town – one remains the town weirdo while the other leaves then returns as the town constable. Esme picked up Tom Franklin’s Misaligned Letter, Jagged Letter on a suggestion from bookstore staff. The mystery had some drawbacks, however “Franklin is an actually excellent writer, evoking the scene perfectly as a background to the characters and action.” ( Cannonball Read 9

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