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WATCH: This Is What Happens When Three Cops Get Stoned (VIDEO)

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Last month, there was a popular video circulating on the internet with three grandmas smoking pot for the first time. Well, the creators of that sensation are back with something that might even be better. Not only is it entertaining, but its informative when all of these retired officers (all of whom havent smoked since before being an officer) speak about their thoughts on legalization. One officer says that while on the force, he never busted anyone for pot. He did say he threw a lot of stashes away in front of a lot of stoners, and that he felt that was a better punishment than any criminal proceedings.

They all seem to enjoy the experience and describe it in very pleasant terms. One even comments about his headache going away. At the end, they are unanimous that they would partake again.

As a society, our beliefs about marijuana being dangerous have clearly changed, as evidenced by the growing legalization of it in this country. These police officers are just one more example of how the public understands how smoking pot is less harmful than many other socially accepted and legal substances like alcohol and should be taxed and regulated vs the current system of incarceration and fines which clearly have not served as a deterrent in any way, shape or form. Even the President is acknowledging the need for change in the system.

Enjoy the video HERE:

If you never saw the original viral hit video, Grandmas Smoke Weed for the First Time check it out HERE:

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