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Trump Tweets ‘Covfefe,’ and a Waiting World Supplies the Punchlines

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Forty minutes. An hour. The questions mounted.Had the president

‘s legal representatives, so eager to curb his stream-of-consciousness missives, dealt with the commander in chief under the cover of night?Perhaps, some anxious aloud, Mr. Trump had actually experienced a medical episode a quarter of the way through his 140 characters.By 1 a.m., the argument had actually successfully taken in Twitter– or a minimum of a particular section of insomniac Beltway types, typically reporters and political operatives– rising the list of trending topics. “Naturally #covfefe is real word,”composed @Diane_7A, recalling an invented catastrophe once invoked by the Trump White Home.”It was created throughout the Bowling Green Massacre.””What if this is it,”asked Emily Nussbaum, the New Yorker television critic, after simply five minutes.”That is his last tweet & the rest of history stops.”Some appearedto

temper their whimsy as a more sobering news story dominated the medium: a big explosion shaking Kabul, leaving lots dead or wounded.But the impulse to stick around was powerful, for those who had actually glimpsed the preliminary post, even if they did not appear completely sure why they were still awake.”Covfefe,”said Tasneem Raja, a reporter, maybe chafing at the growing communal giddiness.” There, I got involved.”Ultimately, the jokes stumbled into delirium. Twitter users held forth on the former F.B.I. director James Covfefe. They promised to buy a grande covfefe during their next Starbucks runs. They announced they had at last discovered whatExpense Murray whispered to Scarlett Johansson at the end of”Lost in Translation.”

And as the hour used on, laggers turned their lonely eyes to the only account that could save them. “Assist, @MerriamWebster, “pleaded Jessica Taylor, a reporter at N.P.R., among numerous to make the request.”Wakes up. Checks Twitter. Uh …”it started. “Remorses examining Twitter. Goes back to bed.”

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