Top 5 Uses for Lavender Oil

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Lavender is a worldwide oil that’s traditionally been understood to work there’s a demand and to balance the body. Many folks say If in doubt… Use Lavender. In our house of 5 it’s used almost daily and is regarded as our Swiss Army Knife. The list of main uses for Lavender Essential Oil is nearly a mile long. Weve are focusing on the the top 5 uses and cut it down for you!


Insomnia affects about 60 million Americans annually and is the most common sleep complaints. There have been several studies it’s on sleeplessness. Many of the studies support the scent of lavender essential oil helps individuals (particularly girls) feel peaceful and serene which helps them relax into a more restful sleep.

A couple methods to get the aromatic benefits of lavender would be to place a drop in your pillow or diffuse it throughout or at the night. In addition , I know of folks that use it topically to the rear of the neck or wrists. Youll need to make sure you’ve got a high quality essential oil that hasn’t been diluted it’s going to leave an oily residue on your own pillow if youre going to do a drop in your pillow.


Im not certain if I should say fortunately or unfortunately but I do have extensive expertise with Lavender and burns…likely sadly. I made a layer of my skin on the hot oven door. It was really distressing and I was sure the burn was going to scar. I then used lavender and promptly applied ice to it. I turned to my bottle of lavender because it took the pain away immediately I felt the sting. A week or so after the burn had recovered up and there isn’t any scar. I’ve used lavender for serious burns and after one use I didnt should use again. Lavender is amazing for burns! Not only burns from hot things but also for sunburns.


As with mentioned above Lavender was proven to have an extremely calming effect when used. In the novel Modern Essentials (my go to-direct on essential oils) it talks about a study that was conducted with patients in the ICU. It says that when patients were admitted to an intensive care unit, those receiving lavender reported a greater improvement in perceived levels of stress and in mood compared to those receiving only massage. Additionally, it talks about studies conducted with patients who’ve dimentia, people that experience stress when going to the dentist, etc…


Weve had to deal with two of my kids with Eczema. My earliest one we used the common OTC treatments and found that they’d help but never took it away completely. It wasnt until we began using essential oils in our house that we found a greater quantity of progress with her flare ups. When he was about 6 months old my youngest son began showing signs of Eczema. I found that using coconut and Lavender oil helped a lot on the patches that were serious. We did a combo of Lavender, Melaleuca, and Frankincense in a base of Coconut Oil when he had a serious outbreak. It’s possible for you to locate the recipe for my concoction here The Miracle Lotion. That mix also occurs to work with dry skin and diaper rash too. It is also used by us for scrapes and wounds also. Thats why I call it my wonder lotion.


Lavender features ingredients that are natural antihistamines. Lavender is a great oil when you’ve got a bite or sting that itches. It can have a drying effect so I like to join it with either fractionated coconut oil or routine coconut oil to help keep the moisture when used by itself. Diluting it can help it to consume better because it reduces the speed at


Hyperactivity, Teeth Grinding & Teething Pain, Allergies, Inflammation, Fever, Ear aches & Diseases, Hypertension, Anxiety, and Rashes

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