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This Precious Porcupine Will Make You Hungry For Corn On The Cob

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Porcupine”s may have a reputation for being prickly, but this small man couldn”t be more cherished as he munches on his really special Christmas bite.

His name is the cuddly looking critter chows down on his corncob handle so eagerly that you simply might crave one of your own and Teddy Bear.

Holding with this small paws and he noms.

Holding tight with this little paws and he noms.

He does need just a little help

He does require a little help to get every last kernel.

Teddy is understood to be quite talkative, something that makes the video more adorable when you hear the sweet sounds he makes while he munches. This cutie couldn”t be more content.

(source YouTube)

Is it lunchtime yet? No? Well, I think I”ll only see more adorable videos of Teddy Bear while I wait.

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