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The Jeremy Kyle guests who are dead ringers for 11 celebrities including Ewan McGregor, Jennifer Aniston and Towie’s Gemma Collins

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IT ‘S not every day Jeremy Kyle is visited by a celebrity.But it seems everybody from Adam Woodyatt to Michelle Keegan as well as Jennifer Aniston has made an appearance on the hit ITV daytime program. Jeremy Kyle visitor Lee was identified the

‘Poundland Ewan McGregor ‘Sadly, it’s not the genuine A-listers requiring lie

detector tests, outing their cheating partners and having blazing household feuds- however their doppelgangers. These are a few of the best lookalikes.Ewan McGregor Lee demanded girlfriend Katie take a lie detector test, to see if her”carpet burns”

and” inflamed”

lips proved she had been cheating.The Hollywood doppelganger, who confessed to smoking weed, was dismissed as” paranoid”by his other half, but it turned out he was best to be suspicious– and Kay had cheated after all. He’s not the only Hollywood doppelganger to appear on the daily chat show Heather Trott However it was the similarities between her and EastEnders star Heather Trotter which got the most tongues wagging. Mum Sue was compared with EastEnders ‘Heather Trott Cheryl

Fergison, who played

awful Heather, hit back at the trolls over the contrasts Sue was on the show defending her “stalker “daughter Toni, who was too upset to appear herself.Kylie Platt Crystal looked uncannily like one former Corrie character, and

she had the mindset to match Viewers drew contrasts between her and Kylie Platt Feisty Crystal appeared on the show over claims she was stopping her ex-boyfriend Pat from seeing their son.Even Jezza himself saw the similarity, saying:

“She appears like that woman off
Crowning Street, does not she? Kylie has actually come alive once again!”While partner Pat said:”She is gobby, is

n’t she? “Jennifer Aniston Jeremy Kyle guest Zoe looks just like renowned Pals starlet Jennifer Aniston Fans needed to do a double take after Jennifer Aniston’s lookalike turned up on the hit ITV show The pretty mum-of-two, from Scotland, feared her boyfriend David was doing the unclean on her since he was cleaning his underpants”

more than usual”. Jeremy Kyle flirts with’Jennifer Aniston

‘lookalike after partner exposed as cheat Jezza compared Zoe to the renowned Friends actress and stated:”From where I’m sat if he
cheated on you he would require mental attention.”Kit Harington Sam bears an exceptional likeness to Kit Harington Viewers took to Twitter after finding Kit Harington’s double on Jeremy Kyle Social media users went wild when a Set Harington double appeared on Jezza’s sofa.Sam, who was desperate to

understand if he was the dad of his girlfriend’s infant, looked identical to the Game of Thrones star thanks to his streaming brown hair, strong eyebrows and stubble.Viewers took to Twitter to comment on his uncanny likeness to Jon Snow with one joking:”He’s broke his oath with the Black Watch #jeremykyle.”Gemma

Collins Jeremy

Kyle guest Lucy was compared to Towie’s Gemma Collins Gemma Collins’double appeared on the hit daytime show in May 2016 Lucy– who was on the programme to support her partner who

was getting DNA test results– sent out viewers into a frenzy the moment she appeared on screen.With her blonde hair

styled in a braid across her head Lucy, who used an orange crochet top and cardigan, might have passed as a relation to the loud-mouthed Towie star.Commenting on her similarity to the truth preferred, one person mentioned:”50p Land Gemma Collins backstage”. Joey Essex Lewis was called a Joey Essex lookalike by eagle-eyed audiences TOWIE star Joey Essex has a Jeremy Kyle double

that’s not the very first TOWIE lookalike-Joey Essex also has a Jeremy Kyle double.Jezza’s guest Lewis was keen to understand who had actually stolen ₤ 160 from him.But audiences were more worried with his combed over hairstyle and stylish turtleneck that

made him look like the spitting image of the’reem’ truth star.” Joey Essex wannabe in the home #jeremykyle,”tweeted one fan.Justin Timberlake Josh was compared with Justin Timberlake in his NSYNC days Justin Timberlake was mocked for his blonde’noodle ‘hairstyle In October, Jezza was left gushing over a male visitor who appeared like Justin Timberlake.Josh, who was on the programme to prove his cousin’s boyfriend was dealing drugs, rocked the exact same blonde’noodle’ hair as the pop heartthrob did in his NSYNC days.Josh was loved by the audience for

his 90s-throwback coiffure and”sweet”personality.Michelle Keegan Michelle Keegan lookalike Krystal binned her cheating partner Michelle Keegan has a Jeremy Kyle visitor doppelganger Michelle Keegan, Cher Lloyd

and even Ian Beale have Jeremy Kyle guest clones.The quite pregnant mum-of-two had come on the program to see

if fiancé Dan had cheated on her to obtain his own back after she slept with someone else.The lie detector outcomes revealed Dan had actually lied about cheating, so tearful Kystal binned him off.Cher Lloyd Katie bears an extraordinary resemblance to X Aspect star Cher Lloyd Cher Lloyd dazzled the X Element judges with her swagger and cool attitude She didn’t have the swagger, but Cher

Lloyd’s doppelganger Katie won praise from Jezza when she appeared on the show in August 2014. The
teen was desperate to know if her youth friend was really her half-sister after

her dead daddy’s girlfriend began the programme to expose a 25 year affair.As the entire thing descended into a slanging match, Katie retained her cool and declined to row.Ian Beale Grant was dubbed a ‘Poundland Ian Beale ‘by Jeremy Kyle audiences Adam Woodyatt has a Jeremy Kyle guest clone

, Adam Woodyatt appears to have a long-lost bro in the form of Jeremy Kyle guest Grant, who appeared on the program in April for a

paternity test.Dressed in a waistcoat and clever pants, he instantly advised viewers of EastEnders legend Ian Beale.One Twitter user joked:”Is that Poundland Ian Beale?” while another included:”Where’s Cathy?”SPITTING IMAGE Who’s your celebrity doppelganger? Expert system tool matches your face with the

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