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Remember our “fighting” Irish American warriors on this Memorial Day

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When the Romans initially visited Ireland, they called it Hibernia, the sleeping land. However soon, to their discouragement, they discovered individuals were not at all a sleeping group.In the early 1st century, Roman and Greek knowledge of Ireland was thin, however the geographers Strabo and Pomponius Mela describe “a cold land occupied by exceptionally strong residents.”

In the tradition of fight between the Romans and native Irish, the Romans feared the Irish( and their woman warriors most)for the fierceness of their attacks and utter absence of fear.

Invasions by military immigrants left their mark on Ireland and blended their blood with the Irish. In the late 700s, the Vikings attacked and aimed to develop irreversible settlements. The Vikings were ultimately defeated, but numerous of them stayed and intermarried with the native population.

Later, the Normans came and went then, the British appeared.The special mix of the Irish and their invaders created a hybrid of warrior that has filled the ranks of lots of armies around the world.Many Irish immigrated to the”colonies”of the American continent to find the chance and flexibility that they could not discover in their native land. They used up arms to protect their embraced countries and to battle for exactly what they thought to be fights for liberty and justice.

The influence the Irish had in Latin America over the past 200 plus years is historic. The Irish fought together with their bros and siblings in their new homelands and shed their blood in lots of wars to assist complimentary millions from the tyranny of colonialism.But when the Irish found their way to The United States and Canada, their presence was felt right away in the militaries , fighting for freedom every action of the way.

The Irish played an essential part in the Revolutionary War, when a fledgling nation needed to win its flexibility by force from British rule. Names consist of John Barry (the founder of our navy), Jeremiah O’Brien, Timothy Murphy, Molly Pitcher, John Sullivan and thousands of other Irish who fought and died to form the new country of the United States.


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