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Reebok just made their position on Donald Trump known by taking a shot at his French Trip via Twitter

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President Donald Trump’s trip to France was viewed as successful on nearly all fronts. He reinforced our relationship with our oldest ally, and personally, he appeared to have an excellent relationship with French President Emmanuel Macron. However, like all global trips, there were a couple of blunders.One of the most

visible missteps was the minute that President Trump mentioned on the French very first woman’s body, saying,” You’re in such good condition, “then keeping in mind to President Macron,”she remains in such good physical shape. Lovely.”Trump has been attacked for remarks viewed as sexist previously, and unsurprisingly, he took a bit of heat for his remarks about Mrs. Macron.On Twitter, sports garments brand Reebok made a

joke at the president’s expense.The tweet consists of a chart, reading,”When is it appropriate to say,’

You’re in such excellent shape … lovely.'” The chart branched off to a number of circumstances consisting of,” Are you a world leader welcoming a spouse of a head of state? ” The tweet drew a lot of reaction from Trump supporters on twitter who left remarks like, “You just lost a client. ” Alex Thomas, Rare Staff|Posted on

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