Politics or Entertainment? Kid Rock and 10 Other Celebrities Who Could Follow Trump Into Office

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Kid Rock, the artist and folk hero of rural America, as a possible option to replace current Democratic Senator Debbie Stabenow.”I believe he would be incredible,”GOP press officer Sarah Anderson told Fox News.”I would not be surprised if there was a motion for him to run, however to myunderstanding he has not been asked.”< period itemscope=""itemtype=" http://schema.org/ImageObject"itemprop ="

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In the future, Kid Rock and Ted Nugent might be more than visitors to the White House. The White House America likes The Rock. His charm is boundless. He is sculpted like a god. He is the country’s highest-earning actor. He can do no incorrect. As the only unimpeachably”excellent”celebrity the country has to provide, his name was jokingly floated as a potential governmental candidate as Trump rose to political prominence. Then it was drifted a little bit less jokingly. Then a little less jokingly. Now it appears as if a ticket led by The Rock could take place. In May, he for governor.”I think he has an extremely strong capability to communicate what I believe is the heart of the Democratic message,”former Ohio Governor Ted Strickland said in Might.”I think he is a superb communicator. “Springer has stated he has actually not ruled out running if he is” required by the party “; current governor John Kasich is not qualified for re-election in 2018.



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