Peanut butter bars (NO baking)

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I love peanut butter. Peanut butter doesnt have to come with a PBJ sandwich only, because its a great addition to any dessert, especially if its paired up with some chocolate. My kids love peanut butter treats and they wanted me to make some last weekend. I wasnt in the mood to set the oven blasting with heat while baking, so I researched the web for something with peanut butter than doesnt require baking.
Fortunately for me, Jillee from One Good Thing By Jillee had exactly what I needed bars that dont require any baking. Jillees recipe is quite simple all you really need is some peanut butter, melted regular butter, crushed Graham crackers, sugar and chocolate chips. As we all know, chocolate is the best option when it comes to pairing peanut butter with something, so it comes to no surprise that everybody loved these bars. It turned out they were pretty easy to prepare. I didnt have to bake them, but I did have to cool them down in the freezer before I cut and served them.
Now, I know many of you will consider this treat as a calorie bomb. Of course, peanut butter bars are stacked with calories even if they dont have any chocolate on them. Nevertheless, they are absolutely delicious and everybody likes them. Unless youre on an extremely strict diet or you hate peanut butter I recommend you try this no-baking recipe out. You can treat yourself with this tasty dessert even if youre trying to watch your figure a little bit of sweet never hurt anybody. My kids and my husband enjoyed the bars so much that they immediately asked me when I would be making more of them.

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Jillees recipe is quite simple

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