Let’s face it, we have a lot in common with ‘ageless’ celebrities

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Am I aging wrong? I contemplated this as I sat alone at a restaurant waiting for four of my close good friends. (I was 10 minutes late, but they were even later on. Middle-aged ladies are less punctual than teens.) I snapped through my phone looking at pictures of “our Nic” canoodling as much as her spunky hubby at some Hollywood function. Th ere she was, all plump lips and smooth forehead and completely toned arms. And here I was, with my frown lines and reading glasses, without any one however a spunky waiter to keep me company.I’m the very same age

as Nic, yet we appear like we were born on different worlds some 20 years apart. She’s taut and porcelain, and I’m lived-in and crumply, with creases in surprising locations. (Seriously, my d├ęcolletage is developing wrinkles these days. And it’s not like I frown with my chest!).

Nicole Kidman at the 70th annual Cannes Film Festival.
Nicole Kidman at the 70th yearly Cannes Movie Festival. Picture: Getty Images

There has actually always been pressure on young women to look a specific method, and now there’s also a”ideal”method to be old. And as I sat there, scrolling through images of 50-something celebs with their unlined faces and rock-hard abs, I couldn’t assist however feel inadequate. My friends arrived in a rush of noise and apologies, and I forgot to feel anything but enjoyment. We spoke about our kids(fabulous/problematic/crazy), our males (annoying/non-existent/crazy)and our work (busy/slow/crazy), then the discussion relied on health.

Kerri Sackville.
Kerri Sackville. Picture: Nic Walker My good friends and I are healthy but we’re also middle-aged, so we have our aches and discomforts. A few us have gut problems, a few us have arthritis, and a couple of us are moving towards the dreaded menopause. Then, naturally, there are the ubiquitous back issues. You do not bring to life 3 kids and live nearly 50 years without doing yourself an injury at some time along the line.

As we consumed and switched names of masseurs and doctors, I envisioned among the celebs joining us at the table. They ‘d probably fi t in perfectly well due to the fact that middle-aged is middle-aged, no matter how wealthy or well-known you are. A superstar might have much better skin, and a startlingly ideal body, however her withins would be exactly the same.

“My back is killing me,” Cate Blanchett would announce to the group, tucking into her kale soup. “It’s never been the very same because the 3rd kid.”

“Mine, too,” Halle Berry would concur, drinking her white wine spritzer without smearing her lippy. “I sleep with a heat pad every night. You should attempt it!” “I can’t use heat pads,” Nicole Kidman would state unfortunately, indicating to the waiter to refill her water glass. “It exacerbates my hormone itch.”

“The itch!” Sandra Bullock would exclaim. She had actually lower her voice, glancing around the dining establishment. “Since I went through menopause I have not stopped itching! And the night sweats!”

“Oh yes, the night sweats!” we ‘d all chorus. “They’re the worst!”

“Oh, shut up!” Judi Dench would state. “You girls are all spring chickens. I can hardly remember exactly what I consumed for breakfast today, let alone memorise the lines for this film I’m making.”

Which’s the important things about ageing. Regardless of exactly what the publications would have us believe, it actually is the excellent equaliser. Yes, stars look fabulous in pictures. Yes, they have fi rmer thighs and broader eyes and thicker hair. And why shouldn’t they? There’s a lot you can attain with the best individual fitness instructor, makeup artist, chef, facialist and surgeon.But beneath the beautiful outside, they age similar to us. Th ey burn out and grouchy and sore and sweaty, and their backs and knees creak when they stand.

They forget where they put their secrets, they get puffy eyes when they’re tired, and they discover hairs growing out of weird locations. It assists to keep in mind that when you take a look at pictures of women who are ageing well. We actually are all the same on the within and no loan or fame can stop the development of time. Our Nic and her buddies are welcome at my ladies’ dinners anytime. I suspect we ‘d have a lot in common. And if Halle could teach me the best ways to drink my wine without smearing my lipstick, that would be excellent. I may be ageing, however it’s never far too late to discover.



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