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Justin Bieber Puts Selena Gomez Tattoo in the Shade

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Justin Bieber puts Selena Gomez tattoo in the shade

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Pop star Justin Bieber has attempted to cover up his Selena Gomez tattoo, without much success.

The 21-year-old still has his former flame’s face inked on his wrist but admits he has attempted to disguise it since the couple split for good in January 2013.

In a new black and white video, shot while Bieber was posing for his new GQ magazine spread, the “Baby” singer gives a cameraman a tour of his body of art, pointing out the image of his mother Pattie’s eye on his forearm and the tattoo of Jesus Christ on his calf.

But when he reaches his wrist and the tattooed likeness of Selena, he explains, “I kind of tried to cover her face up with her shading, but people still know (it’s her).”

There’s also the image of a Native American on his shoulder, an owl “for wisdom” on his arm, and many personal family references, including his mother’s birthday over his heart and some oriental skin art on the side of his torso, which he had done with his dad.

And there’s also a special nod to a friend.

“This is a ‘G’; it’s for my boy. His daughter’s name is Georgia and she has a brain condition, so I got that for him, to support him and let him know I’ve got his back,” Bieber added.

Seated topless at a piano in the video, the “What Do You Mean” singer also makes it clear he’s not a fan of “tramp stamp” tattoos.

“I can’t say I feel lower back tattoos on male or female,” he states. “I think David Beckham has a tramp stamp and that’s no good.”

Meanwhile, the “Sorry” singer reveals his first tattoo was a tiny seagull near his hip bone – an image which a number of family members also have.

“This little guy right here, it’s based on this book that my whole family’s read, everyone’s got it on their wrist and it was right before I had any tattoos and so I wanted to make sure it wasn’t visible, so I put it down here,” he explained. “And basically it’s about this seagull that wanted to be more than just a seagull.”

Bieber’s favorite tattoo is his latest addition, a pair of wings on the back of his neck which took almost four hours to complete – and with his chin on his chest the whole time, which the star found particularly uncomfortable.

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