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If Anyone Tells You Rhinos Aren’t Cute, Watch This One Snuggle With A Caretaker

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When the Hoedspruit Endangered Species Centre in South Africa saved this adorable infant rhino from poachers, the poor thing had already seen those horrible guys viciously take his mother”s life. He was nervous and clearly traumatized after this kind of heartbreaking encounter at that young of an age.

The HESC crew named him Gertjie and supplied the cutie with all the attention and rehabilitation he wanted to help rebuild his assurance. Long daily walks and mud baths were valuable, but he was terrified of being alone at night. So the baby lightly soothed into slumber with lots of snuggles.

“Hi, are you my new best friend?”

“Yes, undoubtedly my greatest bestest pal.”

See the video to view the small man attempt to scale into her lap!

(source Pick n Pay)

I bet you didn’t believe rhinos could be so adorable, huh? I simply wish I could be there to snuggle the small man myself! You can find more information on Gertjie”s astonishing retrieval narrative on Pick n Pay’s web site and the HESC site. Despite the misery he’s been compelled to face by harshness, the little guy has┬álots of strength.

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