He Is Slowly Turning Into Stone…And You NEED To Hear What He Has To Say

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Joseph Suchanek (Joey Sooch, for short) is a young man living his life to the fullest. There”s only one major difference between you and him: Joey has an illness called fibrodysplasia ossificans progressiva, or FOP. Usually diagnosed in early childhood, the illness causes physiological tissue, like muscles and ligaments, to become bone.

Due to the progression, the disorder is occasionally called “Stone Man Syndrome.”

It affects about one in 2 million individuals world-wide, with 700 instances that are reported. In an attempt develop some internal strength and to tell his story, Joey decided to begin a video collection revealing what it’s like to live with this uncommon disorder. Prepare to be inspired.

(via JoeySooch)

What a courageous man. He”s had to cope with so much in his young life more than many folks do in their whole lives. Follow his narrative on Instagram, his YouTube station, and web site and show some love and support.

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