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Floating City Project Wants To Make An “Unregulated” Hub Of Scientific Research

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In the hopes of increasing above the laws and policies of terrestrial countries, a group of Silicon Valley millionaires has strong plans to develop a floating city in Tahiti, French Polynesia. It seems like the start of a sci-fi dystopia (in fact, this is the fundamental facility behind the video game Bioshock), however the brains behind the task state their techno-libertarian community might end up being a paradise for technological entrepreneurship and scientific innovation.The Seasteading

.”The Seasteading

Institute has already established an arrangement(PDF)with the French Polynesian federal government. By the end of this year, they have to supply the government with studies on the environment and financial considerations of the city, from which the government will reply with the appropriate legislative structure. Ultimately, they will serve as a”host nation”to the city.Even those working on the project say this is” technically possible”, although currently expensive and dauntingly hard. Like much of these enthusiastic futuristic strategies that include lots of impressive artist’s impressions, the entire thing might quickly simply stay a pipeline dream. By Tom Hale

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