Fans Are Calling The Latest Epsiode Of ‘Game Of Thrones’ The Greatest Ever

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Fair warning guys, if you’re not up to date on the latest episode of Game of Thrones – that is the fourth episode of the seventh season – then this article will reveal huge upcoming plot points in the show, so if you don’t want anything spoiling then DO NOT READ AHEAD.

What I’m saying is: get the hell off this page right now because spoilers (like winter) are coming.

So, is Jaime dead? We’ll have to wait till next week for sure, but either way that was one of the greatest battles we’ve ever seen in the show. Finally, after season and season of waiting, Dany unleashed her dragons and I can’t be the only one who was feeling a little bit sorry for all the Lannister lads being roasted inside their armour.

The epic final showdown:

Fans will be hoping that, despite a near miss with Drogon’s fire and ending the episode sinking to the bottom of a lake, Jaime’s plot armour is buoyant enough to mean he lives to fight another day. Although, having seen that Aerys‘ daughter is as willing to burn men alive as her father was, you can’t help but feel he’ll be seeking a way to take out the Mad King’s daughter, just like he did her dad.

Tyrion too seemed uneasy as he watched DaenerysDothraki and Drogon slaughtering ‘his people’ and as he watched on, you can’t help but feel he was experiencing some regrets about his decision to abandon his family ties to serve as her hand.

Elsewhere Arya made an emotional return to Winterfell, at last reuniting with her sister Sansa and brother Bran – who’s still acting like he spends all day on 4chan and smokes too much weed.

Littlefinger will be hoping that the siblings don’t clock onto his involvement in the assassination attempt on Bran in season one, especially given that Arya‘s training with Brienne showed that the younger Stark sister has come a long way since the beginning of the series.

Here’s how Twitter reacted to the episode and the epic final sequence:

Was last nights Game of Thrones one of the best ever episodes? You know it was
– George (@GParkererer) August 7, 2017

Today’s episode was SO . I’m speechless.
– Lauren (@LaurenJessine) August 7,

Tyrion: “Flee, you idiot.”

“Only a fool would meet the Dothraki on an open field”-RobertBaratheon
“Hold my gold hand”-JaimeLannister
– John (@CitadelInsider) August 7,

– ‏ ‏ (@JHerondaleW) August 7,

How does game of thrones keep getting better man?!
– Kevin Pereira (@KevinPereira07) August 7,

The way Tyrion was looking at the massacre.

I think if he has to choose between Dany and Jamie.

He’ll choose Jamie.
– The Cult of Chidism (@chidzhazenberry) August 7,

It’s safe to say the next episode is one of the most hotly anticipated and judging from the trailer it could be even better than the last:

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