Drowning Family Saved By 80-Person Human Chain

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Drowning Family Saved By 80 Person Human Chain beach 2

Tissues, say hello to my tear ducts.

This story of a drowning family being conserved by the momentous efforts of human chain has actually got me right in the feels.

Robert Ursrey and her mate, mom, nephews and children were enjoying themselves at Panama City Beach in Florida when she saw them screaming in the yellow-flag conditioned ocean. Desperate, Ursrey ignored the strong tides and into the water to conserve her household’s lives, captured up in them herself.

To make matters worse, Ursrey’s mother suffered a cardiac arrest in the water. Passersby Jessica Simmons and her husband, who had walked the beach just before dinner, discovered that everybody there was pointing at something in the ocean.

Originally believing somebody had actually seen a shark, Simmons then understood exactly what she was looking at. Acting rapidly, she and her husband formed a human chain with a few other people braving the tides, Simmons, who considers himself’a great swimmer was determined to help Ursrey.  The chain grew up to 80 individuals, covering over 100 yards linking withdraw shore.

It was the most impressive thing to see. These people who don’t even understand each other and they rely on each other that much to help them to safety.

Ursrey does not keep in mind being rescued. I am so grateful. these individuals were God’s angels that were in the ideal place at the right time.

I owe my life and my household’s life to them.

Without them, we would not be here What a remarkable screen of guts and compassion by all included.

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