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Bizarre claim Kate Middleton’s knee looks like Casper the Friendly Ghost drives the internet wild

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The contrast was made by web users on a Reddit online forum

By Tom Michael

A BIZARRE claim that the Duchess of Cambridge’s knee resembles Casper the Friendly Ghost has actually sent the web into hysterics.The unusual comparison was made by web users on a Reddit forum, who indicated the similarity with the cartoon phantom. The Duchess of Cambridge is visualized at London’s V&A Museum on June 29 Web users accentuated the apparent shape of a face on her knee

Some claimed the face on Kate’s knee appears like Casper the Friendly Ghost
Commenters drew attention to the shape of a face inscribed on the flesh

around the Duchess’s kneecap.What appears like two eyes and a mouth can obviously be made out in the middle of the head-shaped

bulge.But Kate need not feel like she is alone, as the phenomenon seems to be relatively common.In fact, an entire thread on Reddit has been dedicated to the

subject of individuals with faces on their knees.The thread– entitled”baby face knees”– even includes other household names.Miley Cyrus and Selena

Gomez are among those whose knees apparently gaze right back at you.

Selena Gomez has a comparable face on her left knee, web users declared Miley Cyrus is another

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