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Architects Create a New Take on the Drawbridge and It’s Awesome

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We enjoy bridges here at ViralNova, and we”re sorry this footbridge in London wasn”t finished when we compiled a list of some of the world”s coolest bridges.

Pedestrians in Paddington, London, needed to cross the Grand Union Canal, which is about 20 meters broad, but the canal is used by boats also. To fill the needs of both teamed up with civil and structural engineers AKT II to create a slick, modern take on the drawbridge.

The wedge shaped, raised bits on the left side of the bridge (next to the grass) are part of the 40-ton counterweight which helps balance the beams and reduce the energy needed to lift them.

The Merchant Square Bridge, as it”s understood, was inspired by the folding and unfolding movements of paper fans, and is built from five steel beams that lift and lower in a sequence, each at another angle, by way of hydraulic jacks and counterweights. It is described by the architects as both delightful and efficient, and we often agree.

The bridge provides enough headroom for boats to pass through safely, when lifted.

The bridge will function as a pedestrian walkway when it”s lowered, and when it”s lifted, it’ll not only be high enough to let boats pass, but may also throw a dramatic shape. Its designers regard it as not only a practical bridge that can enable pedestrians freedom, but also as a “kinetic sculpture” that can function as an ethnic landmark.

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