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An Online Component for Kingdom Hearts 3?

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Tetsuya Nomura reveals that the Kingdom Hearts development team has been working on an online element for Kingdom Hearts 3.

Although rather brief, the newest trailer for Kingdom Hearts 3 at Square Enix’s E3 conference showed off some really cool features, gameplay and Disney inspired worlds to look forward to.

Not too much has been said about the project, as it is still in development, but the innovations that the Kingdom Hearts team has been making for the third installment seems very creative and flashy. Recently Tetsuya Nomura, the series’ director, explained, during an interview with Engadet, that the KH development team is currently looking into trying to add a sort of online feature to KH3. Nomura stated that “Online is certainly part of my wish list — we want gamers to play for a while and an online component helps this.”

Some fans might be afraid that a possible focus on an online or multiplayer component to KH3 might detract from the overall story. However there is no need to worry as Nomura then made it clear that the single-player campaign was going to be the core focus of KH3 and that “it’s not as if we’re going to tack on an online function at the end”.


Clearly Square Enix knows how long the Kingdom Hearts fan base has waited for the true sequel to KH2 and wants to maximize the features of the game while staying true to the Kingdom Hearts formula. Nomura finished up the discussion on the possible online element by saying that the Kingdom Hearts development team has plenty of ideas on an online feature, but as of yet they have not been able to test their ideas inside the main game.

How do you feel about a possible online component for Kingdom Hearts 3? Is it all bad news or a possible opportunity to add to the charm of the franchise? Leave a comment and remember for all your video game news and articles, stay tuned to


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