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A Boy Was Asked By An Adult To Slap This Girl, But What He Did Instead Is Inspiring

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What occurs when you request him to smack her and place a lad in front of a girl? Will the child respond? Will he really do what the mature tells him to do, or will he refuse?

That”s what Italian video journalist Luca Lavarone needed to learn as he ran a social experiment with kids on a busy road. Lavarone needed to emphasize the problem of violence by men against women. In the video, several lads aged between six and eleven years old are introduced to a girl and requested by an off-screen interviewer to pay her a compliment, put on a face that was comical to make her laugh, and caress her. They may be told to smack against her.

Observe the young lads respond to this request that is shocking.

(source Fanpage.it)

I wonder how it’d finish if the scenario was reversed, with girls being requested to smack lads. I expect it’d finish exactly the same manner.

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