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9 Painfully Awkward Celebrity Photos!

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The name of the post is not completely exact, because in some ways, it is really pleasant to be reminded that stars, who strive hard to be perfect, have their bad moments, also. Folks like Beyonce and Cameron Diaz have more cash in relation to the great bulk of the planet. They are able to manage personal trainers, elaborate diets, at home fitness centers, and all the clothes and jewelry they could really ever need. And yet, they do not seem perfect 100% of the time (except for Penelope Cruz–she really does constantly look perfect). It’s comforting!

Stars are followed around 24/7, so it comes as no surprise that occasionally they’re caught at poor angles. The following are a few of the very inept star pictures.

Calista Flockhart

It is not possible not to poke fun at this uproarious image of Calista Flockhart, the performer best known for playing the leading part in the television comedy Ally McBeal. In this image she’s talking at the 9th annual Operation Smile gala in 2010, but let us not forget that she was serving a decent cause.

Operation Smile offers free operations to children with facial deformities like cleft palates. The motivation for all these operations is not only aesthetic; according to the Operation Smile web site, lips and cleft palates make it hard for kids to eat and talk, and may lower their life opportunities.

Moreover, on a considerably more superficial note, Calista’s dress is amazing. So go Calista, although this image is funny!

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