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6 Most Terrifying Rites Of Passage

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Coming of age services, or rites of passage are typical throughout many different cultures. In The United States, many bratty teens receive gleaming new automobiles on their sweet sixteen. In other cultures around the world, there’s much more suffering, pain, blood, insects, and castrated bulls. Their savage traditions stand strong in the modern era, although a number of these traditions are passed down from ancient times. Next time your small cousin scoffs at an itchy birthday sweater from Aunt Mable, tell him hes lucky he didnt receive one hundred lashes on his naked back or some of lethal ants.

1. The Initiation of Ants

In a native Brazilian Amazon tribe known as the Satere-Mawe, an excruciating and uncommon rite of passage anticipates all thirteen-year old lads. Their nickname, The Sons of Guarna better knows the members of the tribe. The rite starts when the lads trek in search of bullet ants through the wilds using a tribe leader. Bullet ants are about one-inch long, and are said to get the most debilitating sting of any insect known to guy.

Seniors in the tribe sedate the ants using an herbal concoction, sending them in a slumber state that is short-term. The bullet ants are woven into gloves, stingers which the young lads will wear throughout their service. The ants come out of their slumber ready to inflict their sting that is terrifying.

The lads should never shout or show weakness, and they are going to wear the gloves in ten-minute periods over twenty times in the period of many months! The tribe considers that the young lads will be prepared by this initiation for a very long time of manliness.

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