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32 Cute Animals Sometimes Not So Cute

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When contemplating getting a pet, most folks actually just think about all of the great times they”ll have together. Snuggling, dog parks, obedience courses, and making viral YouTube videos are all things pet owners can do with their fur babies…

Unless their pet ends up really being a complete jerk, that’s (like these men).

1. These dogs are mocking that poor kid.

These dogs are mocking that poor child.

2. He made his own dog entry.

He made his own dog entrance.

3. Get off the computer, it”s my turn!

Get off the computer, it

4. This seems comfy.

This looks comfy.

5. Insult to harm.

Insult to injury.

6. Trust that man enjoys dog end.

Hope that person likes dog butt.

7. Never make a dog

Never leave a dog alone.

8. Classic prank.

Classic prank.

9. Swirly!


10. Right on time!

Right on time!

11. This seems yummy.

This looks delicious.

12. Surprise!


13. Say cheese.

Say cheese.

14. It”s a coup d”etat.


15. You didn”t need those did you?

You didn

16. Right to the face.

Right to the face.

17. This dog couldn”t wait for grace to be said.

This dog couldn

18. Someone isn”t in the Christmas spirit.

Someone isn

19. Free pierced ear.

Free pierced ear.

20. This dog is an impostor and I should take him out.

This dog is an impostor and I need to take him out.

21. Don”t steal from small children.


22. Don”t you enjoy zebras?


23. I”ll choose that!


24. Give me your EYE!

Give me your EYE!

25. Traffic jam ahead.

Traffic jam ahead.

26. RKO outta nowhere!

RKO outta nowhere!

27. You smell fine.

You smell nice.

28. Where’s that bird?

Where is that bird?

29. I need some of whatever you’re eating.

I want some of whatever you are eating.

30. You”re not leaving without me.


31. Screw your snowman!

Screw your snowman!

32. Only a little lick.

Just a little lick.

Next time you”re at the zoo, on a safari, or even at a pet store, recall these pictures. However adorable creatures can appear…deep down, they might be jerks.

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