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16 Photos of People Making the Best of a Bad Situation

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When life hands you lemons, make lemonade. Humorous, amusing lemonade. That”s what these folks did when faced with terrible scenarios. Rather than being scared to confront the world and becoming depressed, they made it wonderful and only adopted their bad luck. These individuals are amazing at life if they had a few poor minutes.

1. Morgan Freeman gets found sleeping in an interview… but plays it away.

1. Morgan Freeman gets caught sleeping in an interview... but plays it off.

2. When twisters strike Moore, OK, this homeowner chose to record his house for sale.

2. When tornadoes hit Moore, OK, this homeowner decided to list his house for sale.

3. After getting rearended many times, this man sent a message out.

3. After getting rear-ended too many times, this guy sent out a message.

4. Children who didn”t get a snow day chose to make their very own.

4. Kids who didn

5. Guy attempts to remove a cougar running loose in his area.

5. Man tries to get rid of a cougar running loose in his neighborhood.

6. Proud girlfriend apologizes for her large error.

6. Proud girlfriend apologizes for her big mistake.

7. New York Post finds a means to make losing hilarious.

7. New York Post finds a way to make losing hilarious.

8. Some blond covers the stereotype.

8. Some blonde embraces the stereotype.

9. Auto damage? More like T Rex assault.

9. Car damage? More like T-Rex attack.

10. His abilities can be highlighted by this man.

10. This guy can highlight his skills.

11. His pinky only gave more group to this man.

11. Breaking his pinky just gave this guy more class.

12. A smashed windshield turned into an incredible picture op.

12. A shattered windshield turned into an awesome photo op.

13. A hospital stay is a great time to hit on women.

13. A hospital stay is a good time to hit on ladies.

14. In case your telephone display cracks, only make the very best out of it.

14. If your phone screen cracks, just make the best out of it.

15. Being just single can blow, but always keep your choices open.

15. Being newly single can suck, but always keep your options open.

16. Traffic camera pictures are often terrible news… but not if you”re amazing at making imitation movie posters.

16. Traffic camera photos are usually bad news... but not if you


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