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With A Little Help From Gravity, This Guy Creates Hypnotic Music

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Viewing folks do what they do best is always a gratifying experience. You are in the crowd cheering for a star athlete or whether you are in the existence of an expert orator who can bring a whole audience to its feet, it is always cool to see someone in their own component.

And there is something about seeing musicians on the job uniquely amazing. These virtuosos understand just how it is done, when it comes to making us envious. Wait until you see what this man can do, if you believed pianists and violinists were enviable.

Swedish musician Martin Molin from the group Wintergatan created this one of a kind instrument that plays beautiful music with a tiny bit of help from gravity.

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To find out more about this unbelievable music machine, take a look at the group’s site. For routine updates, follow Wintergatan on Facebook

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