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Willie Nelson is, as the song goes, “Still Not Dead”

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< div data-page=" 1 "data-page-hidden=" 0" data-use-autolinker =" incorrect "> Willie Nelson has actually been” On the Roadway Again”– and once again and once again– ever given that he launched that tune back in 1980. And a song on his most recent album shows he has no intent of hanging it up whenever quickly, a point he underscores to our Bob Schieffer, For The Record:

” I woke up still not dead again today
The Web said I had passed away
If I died I wasn’t dead to remain
I woke up still not dead once again today.

” Now, how in the world do you develop that tune?” Schieffer asked.

” Oh, I do not understand– I have actually been eliminated several times through the years!” Nelson laughed. “And so I simply believed I ‘d write something amusing about it.”

It’s easy for Willie Nelson to laugh off these significantly exaggerated reports of his death. Closing in on his 84th birthday, he’s on the road again– performing, composing music, and a brand-new album out later this month. “God’s Issue Kid” is his 110th, give or take, with tunes like “Still Not Dead” and “Old Timer.”

To hear Willie Nelson carry out “Old Timer” from “God’s Issue Child,” click on the video player below:

Willie Nelson – Old Timer by

” There’s a theme here,” said Schieffer. “This has to do with the fall of life. Is that difficult for you to consider?”

” No,” he laughed. “You keep in mind one of those deep thinkers, a guy named Seneca? He stated you need to look at death and funny with the very same countenance. And I believe that.”


< img

src= “https://biweeklybuzz.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/04/gods-problem-child-cover-sony-legacy-244.jpg” alt= “gods-problem-child-cover-sony-legacy-244. jpg” > Sony Legacy” The fall of your life– and I’m right there with you, friend– it’s like the spring in everyone else’s life. I suggest, you’re at the top of your powers, I would say, right now.”

” Everything’s going great,” Nelson stated. “I think age is just a number. It’s the method I’ve heard all of it my life: It’s not how old you are, it’s how you feel. And I’ve been fortunate with [everything], health-wise and career-wise.

” I haven’t actually got anything to bitch about!” he chuckled.

It wasn’t always so. Early on, Nelson left his native Texas for Nashville, making a name for himself writing hits for others, like “Crazy,” recorded by Patsy Cline.Nashville liked his songs, but his singing? Not so much.At one point Nelson ended up being so dejected that he headed out and set in the middle of the street in Nashville hoping that an automobile would run over him. “‘ Course, it was midnight– there wasn’t a lot of traffic!” he chuckled. “No vehicle got me!”

” What were those days like?” Schieffer asked.

” Oh, they were wild and insane. You understand, I was going through one relationship after another, one divorce after another. And those things will make you write songs. If you’re a songwriter, that’s where you get your material, from all your headaches and heartaches.”

Nelson returned to Texas, changed his appearance, and altered his tune– less Grand Ole Opry and more good ole boy, spiced with a little hippy and hillbilly. With his buddy Waylon Jennings came a brand-new, raw sound: Outlaw country.To see Willie Nelson & Waylon Jennings perform” Mammas Do not Let Your Babies Mature to Be Cowboys” at Farm Help( 1986), click on the video player listed below. Willie Nelson & Waylon- Mammas Do not Let Your Children Grow Up to Be Cowboys(

Live at Farm Aid & 1986) by Farm Help on YouTube Through the years, Nelson’s music came to go beyond genre. He’s won
eight Grammys, andhonors he never imagined.Regarding the record producer Harlan Howard

‘s quip that” C and w is three chords and the reality,” Schieffer asked Nelson,” Exactly what is it that sets your tunes

apart?”” Well, you understand, it’s three-quarters of the way true. You can have more than three chords! However the truth matters.”” What causes you to come up with these songs that people state,’ Well, that’s best ‘? “” I do not know. I’m just writing what I’m thinking. And if it comes out quite good, I

‘ll write it down somewhere and come up with a tune to it. But I’m just writing what I’m believing, just off the top of my head, truly.” Willie’s huge sister Bobbie has actually been keeping an eye out for him and playing piano with him given that they were kids being raised by their grandmother in Abbott, Texas.” He composes as he feels his emotions

and his inner ideas,” Bobbie stated.” He’s really a poet.” She’s still there every night he takes the stage. And now two of his sons, Lukas and Micah, often perform with him.Playing with his kids, Nelson said,” is the greatest sensation worldwide, to be up there with your

kids and understand that they’re doing well and they’re good, and you can be happy with exactly what they’re doing. That’s simply the very best sensation there is.” When he’s not taking a trip on his bus to one of the more than 100 programs he stills does every year, Nelson splits his time between a house in Maui (where he hangs with friends like Woody Harrelson), and his cattle ranch outside Austin, total with an Old West town he named Luck, Texas. Correspondent Bob Schieffer and Willie Nelson in Luck, Texas.

CBS News When Schieffer dropped by, 3,000

fans filled the town for the Luck Reunion, the brainchild of Willie’s terrific niece, Bobbie’s granddaughter, Ellee.” I had actually matured on this property

,” Ellee Fletcher informed Schieffer.” Essentially this is my backyard. “She said the Luck Reunion had actually started as a one-day occasion:” Commemorating vocalists and songwriters who were kind of forging their path in the very same kind of vein as Willie is. Simply, you know, doing their own thing without compromise.”” A great deal of people get to hear a lot of great music and hang out,

enjoy,” Nelson added. “So it’s ended up being genuine good.” Things didn’t always turn out “real great”

for Willie. Back in the ’90s there was the little matter of back taxes he owed Uncle Sam.” I got ta say,” Schieffer noted,” you’re the only guitar

picker from Abbott, Texas that I ever knew or heard of that owed the federal government $32 million!” “It’s type of amusing when you think of it!” Nelson chuckled.”

However I’m sure it wasn’t funny to you at the time.” He worked it out, and paid it off. He never stated insolvency.”

I don’t believe in that,” Nelson said. “You understand, I believe if I owe some individuals some loan, I desire to pay them.” He’s been jailed more than as soon as for possession of cannabis.” I desire to ask you a little about pot,” Schieffer asked. These days he remains in the marijuana company in

locations where it’s legal. Why has he been such a supporter?

” For myself, it benefits me,” he stated.” It keeps me from going off and doing insane things. I can relax and play some music and relax and go to and act like a grown up, I believe. “Nelson when stated that his 4th spouse, Annie, wed a better man than his other partners.” I did!” she laughed.” I got him after everybody else sort of skilled him.” They’ve been together more than 31 years.And what’s it want to be married to Willie Nelson? “It’s not boring! It’s never dull. He has a great deal of energy. There’s 23 years in between us, but I think his goal is to use me out so that we’re both the

same age!” Schieffer asked Nelson, “You think you’ll ever retire? “” What do you want me, to give up? All I do is play music and a little golf, and I don’t wish to give up either one of those!” For Willie Nelson the way to stop breaking is to speed up.Schieffer kept in mind

,” Andy Rooney said one time,’ We do not ask to obtain old. We

simply get old … And if you’re lucky, you may get old, too.’ You and I have been pretty lucky!”” Yeah, we have,” Nelson stated.” Really fortunate. We’re still here. We got up still not dead once again!” To hear Willie Nelson

perform “A Woman’s Love “from “God’s Issue Child,” click on the video player below: Willie Nelson -A Woman’s Love by on YouTube

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