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Washington Post Just Found Audio Of Top Republicans Saying ‘Putin Pays Trump’

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The Washington Post simply launched a was seriously asserting that Donald Trump or any of our members were being paid by the Russians. Exactly what’s more, the speaker and management group have actually repeatedly spoken out against Russia’s interference in our election, and your home continues to investigate that activity.”This is not the very first time that top Republican politicians have pointed out “humor”as a defense for having actually misspoken. During a campaign rally, Trump stated:”Russia, if you’re listening, I hope you have the ability to find the 30,000 emails that are missing out on. I think you will probably be rewarded strongly by our press.

“While the remark was instantly condemned as a” nationwide security issue,”Trump’s take was, “Obviously I’m being ironical.” That leading Republicans had engaged in this personal

conversation prior to any significant news of Russia’s meddling in the US election came out is a testimony to simply how ingrained the Kremlin remained in Trump’s campaign. As Trump’s transactions with Putin continue to get exposed daily, leading Republicans are just implicating themselves further with this scandal unmatched in United States history. (UI: Unidentified individual)UI: Kevin had the Ukrainian prime minister this morning.Ryan: Oh, so did I. I simply left him in the health

care … [muddled]

. Ryan: This man’s an excellent guy.Ryan: This man’s a pretty excellent guy.Rodgers: Is this the man who’s existed a while?Ryan: No, he’s brand-new.

He was the speaker of the [. unintelligible]

. Rodgers: Their other prime minister got kicked out, right?Ryan:. This guy’s like the anti-corruption guy. This guy’s there since he’s the anti-corruption guy. He was the speaker … Ryan: And he’s the one

who was dealing with the amendments to the constitution [unintelligible] … independent judiciary.Ryan: They got that in now … [unintelligible] … and he’s passing … and he’s passing all these anti-corruption laws.Rodgers: How are things going in Ukraine?Rodgers: How are things entering Ukraine?Ryan: Well, the Russians are bombing them 30-40 … um, um … shells a day and the individuals. Crimea is gone.

And, they’re aiming to tidy up their federal government to

reveal that they wish to be western. They’re attempting to show to the western world that they want to be western, or westernizing, so they can get assistance to get their nation back. They’re [unintelligible] Everybody talks an excellent game on exactly what they’re doing, however he’s passed all these anti-corruption laws. The question is are they, like, executing … [muddled] … I think by the summer they’ll have it all done.Rodgers: Did he talk about their economy?Ryan: Yeah, this is about getting real growth and not graft development, so … no, it’s not excellent, however … Rodgers: I went there a year ago. It was like wow. These individuals are living … they’re on the cutting edge. They’re defending their liberty … it

‘s, uh … their independence.Ryan: He essentially … He has this truly fascinating riff about … people have actually said that they have Ukraine fatigue, and it’s really Russian tiredness due to the fact that what Russia is doing is doing to us, funding our populists, financing individuals in our governments to reverse our federal governments, you know, tinkering our oil and gas energy, all the important things Russia does to basically blow up our country, they’re simply going to roll right through us and go to the Baltics and everyone else.Ryan: So we must not have Ukraine tiredness, we ought to have Russian fatigue.Rodgers: Yes! The propaganda … my huge takeaway from that trip was just how advanced the propaganda … Ryan: It’s really sophisticated.Rodgers: … coming out of Russia and Putin.Ryan: Extremely sophisticated.Rodgers: Not simply in Ukraine. They were when moneying the NGOs in Europe. They assaulted fracking.Rodgers: Russia TELEVISION. I was not … you understand … I had not tuned into Russia TELEVISION up until that trip. It’s, it’s frightening.Ryan: So he’s saying they’re doing this throughout Europe

. So, uh … Ryan: This is, this isn’t really simply about Ukraine.Rodgers: So, yeah, it is a, um … [ unintelligible] … a method … it’s truly a messaging … you know … they are … it’s a propaganda war.Ryan: Russia is trying to turn Ukraine versus itself.Rodgers: Yes. Which’s … it’s sophisticated and it’s, uh … Ryan: And guess … guess who’s

the only one taking a strong withstand it? We are.Rodgers: We’re not … we’re not … but, we’re not … McCarthy: [unintelligible] … I’ll GUARANTEE you that’s exactly what it is.McCarthy: The Russians hacked the DNC and got the opp research study

that they had on Trump.Ryan: The Russian’s hacked the DNC … Ryan: … on Trump and like delivered it to … to who?McCarthy: There’s … there’s 2 people, I believe, Putin pays: Rohrabacher and

Trump … [laughter]

… testify God.Ryan: This is an off the record … [laughter] … NO LEAKAGES … [laughter] … alright ?! Ryan: This is how we

know we’re a genuine household here.Scalise: That’s how you understand that we’re

tight. [Laughter] Ryan: What’s stated in the

household stays in the family.

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