Video Of Trump From 1992 Surfaces; Shows Trump Is Exactly The Guy Comey Describes – New Century Times

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If you were wondering exactly what Trump’s behavior may have been like in those meetings with Comey, you’re going to wish to enjoy this video from 1992.

Quote of The Washington Post reporting:

“In 7 impressive pages of ready testimony, Comey explains a president obsessed with commitment and publicly clearing his name in the middle of an FBI investigation of his partners, and the FBI director’s growing anxiousness with the nature of the needs being made from him in their personal conversations.”

Now, in a freshly resurfaced video from 1992, it appears that this is the way Trump has always performed himself. Trump not only demanded loyalty, but he seemed consumed with it, and likewise seems to enjoy revenge.If you were wondering what Trump’s habits might have been like in those conferences with Comey,

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