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Trump Just Said He’d Testify Under Oath. This Ex-Justice Dept. Lawyer’s Response Is Perfect

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President Trump is a male of lots of qualities, the vast majority of them bad. It will be delightfully paradoxical to see the very same qualities that propelled him to the presidency– his childish impulsiveness, his vindictiveness, and his arrogance– eventually be the cause of his undoing.Earlier today at a press conference with President Klaus Iohannis of Romania, Trump was asked by a press reporter whether or not he would be comfy repeating his allegations that FBI Director Comey had lied during Thursday’s historical testament under oath prior to Unique Counsel Robert Mueller.This impulsive rejection by the President sets him straight upon a collision course with the reality. Even if Trump was innocent of any collusion with the agents of the Russian Federation to tilt the November 2016 election in his favor, his extraordinarily awkward efforts to cover-up the wrongdoing of his allies has actually landed him in impeachment area just a few months into his presidency.Trump’s refusal to pull back or show any sign of weakness is going to return to haunt him. Former Department of Justice lawyer Matthew Miller took to Twitter to satirize the President for his evident self-sabotage of his own defense.Charging into a perjury trap versus an FBI Director with coexisting memos & 3rd celebration witnesses is a novel legal technique, to be sure.President Trump announced a couple of days after he fired Director Comey that there are tapes of their discussion. If this is real, then there & must be no issue in proving that the FBI Director was lying during his

Senate testimony.But if there are not– or if those tapes are ruined– it will be the world of the nation’s leading cop and a decades-long public servant against the word of a man known to be a pathological liar. That does not bode well for Trump.The perjury trap has been set

— and Trump nearly instantly blundered right into it, somehow persuaded he can bluff and bully his escape of dealing with any effects for his actions. But his hubris is going to do him in. While he may have had success paying his escape of lawsuits by cheated service partners, clients, or ex-wives, he’s willingly picking a fight with the former Director of the FBI.Trump is about to discover the hard method that the rule of law is not yet dead in the United States.

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