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Trump Just Bullied His UN Ambassador In A Room Full Of Men

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UN Ambassador Nikki Haley simply discovered herself the target of Trump’s newest bullying today, in front of a space loaded with UN Security Council Ambassadors at an official White Home meeting.

“Now, does everyone like Nikki?” Trump asked. “”Otherwise she could be easily replaced right?” The ill-mannered jab was satisfied with an eruption of laughter from Trump and the rest of the space. A plainly ashamed Haley requires a smiles. (Video listed below)

Such rude, less than professional habits to a senior diplomat is unsurprising from Trump, however difficult to think of from Obama or any number of former presidents. The remarks remain in keeping with a recurrent misogynist pressure found in much of Trump’s rhetoric.Trump heads out of

his way to defend admitted sexual harassers like Bill O’Reilly, he also heads out of his way to insult and mock the few and sporadic females in his circle of power.Perhaps an Administration that has actually been hemorrhaging officials considering that inauguration should not make mean-spirited jokes about further losses.

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