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Trump Just Attacked Qatar Not Knowing We Have A Military Base There

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President Donald Trump’s blissful ignorance has helped ignite a public fight between America’s Gulf State allies in the most volatile region in the world. His sword-dancing and orb-touching antics masked a diplomatic initiative to give Saudi Arabia tacit permission to isolate Qatar, whose capital city of Doha is host to the US military Central Command‘s massive al-AUdeid Air Base.

Now, MSNBC reports that President Trump didn’t know about America’s largest military base being in a country which he just encouraged Saudi Arabia to isolate and perhaps even attack. He’s been busier greedily sopping up Saudi oil dollars at his hotel than getting to know the map of America’s military bases in the Middle East.

Brian Williams on @MSNBC says a source tells him and @NicolleDWallace they’re not sure Trump knew there were Americans stationed in Qatar.

Over 10,000 American troops and another 15,000 American civilians live there today. Some of America’s military operations are also handled at the Doha International Aiport, which makes their civilian infrastructure important to the Pentagon’s logistics to support our country’s armed forces.

Al Udeid base in Qatar has 11.000 US personnel. Major command, intelligence and strike hub. Not small. Good to know.

The President went Twitter silent today during former FBI Director James Comey’s testimony, but he openly cheered on the attack on Twitter against the small Gulf state.

During my recent trip to the Middle East I stated that there can no longer be funding of Radical Ideology. Leaders pointed to Qatar – look!

Now, Al-Jazeera News is reporting that they’re under cyber-attack. They are the only relatively free press in the Middle East region in an Arab state, which is a point that Qatar’s neighbors often hold over the small Gulf state.

Donald Trump’s overarching ignorance isn’t some sideshow or reality-TV presidency any longer, but a grave threat to the peace and security of America.

Congress needs to act now on the information that the President has obstructed justice and move to impeach him from office so someone, anyone, can step in and deal with Trump’s idiotic foreign policy moves, which we now know he makes with his eyes fully closed about the facts on the ground.


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