Top 10 Unusual Food Combinations

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The majority don’t while many people know about these small tricks. All these are little suggestions that will help you enhance the foods we normally eat – most are advocated by top chefs and others by quite seasoned house cooks.

10. Carrots and Sugar

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This is an extremely common way of preparing carrots in France while it might seem odd to add sugar to vegetables. The technical term for this particular dish is Vichy Carrots, in which you mix Carrots, Salt, Pepper, sugar, and Vichy water (a sparkling water from the Vichy area) and cook them down until the carrots are glazed. The sugar heightens the flavor of the carrots as well as the outcome is a beautiful dish of orange vegetables that are brilliantly.

9. Java and Salt

Add some salt to java to heighten the flavor – this is an extremely common utilization of salt as it’s used in almost all dishes (including sweet dishes served for pudding). Only a bit is sufficient to make a brilliant espresso. [Photograph by Tom Moertel]

8. Tomatoes and Sugar


Use sugar, not salt. Tomatoes are acidic as well as that acidic flavor only raises. The tomato flavor sweetens and raises. Tomatoes are fruits after all.

7. Chocolate and Coffee


When baking with chocolate, add only a little java – it reinforces the chocolate flavor without adding a strong java flavor.

6. Meat and Aniseed


Throw in a star anise when stewing meat – you can not taste the aniseed but the flavor adds a deep richness to the meat. It is a trick used in all meat dishes by Heston Blumenthal the person who owns the Fat Duck (3 Michelin stars) – voted the world’s best restaurant for three years in a row.

5. Cooking tomatoes and Leaves


Throw in a tomato branch – the branch includes all the flavor that we adore in tomatoes – smell it and pick a leaf and you’ll see what I mean. Just throw in a little stick of the tomato plant and it’ll give your cooked tomatoes a tomato flavor that is considerably stronger.

4. Potatoes and Nutmeg


Add nutmeg – only a little – it adds a depth to the potatoes that individuals will not understand, but will undoubtedly enjoy. This really is true of almost every potato dish.

3. Chili and Chocolate


Add chocolate to chili. It deepens the meaty flavor of the chili while. It is known in the South where Chili bakeoffs are not unusual.

2. Apples and Vanilla

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Apples generally need some sugar inside their cooking and are extremely acidic. A lot of folks add cinnamon or nutmeg to their apple dishes, but vanilla adds a deep layer of flavor that most folks will not understand but will definitely value.

1. Strawberries and Pepper

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Strawberries (fresh) are generally served with a sprinkling of confectioners sugar, but the inclusion of very finely ground pepper (from fresh corns) heightens the flavor.

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