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Top 10 Nightmares and What They Mean

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Most individuals have problems with the occasional nightmare, and nearly every night some appear to experience them. Just what do these night terrors mean? Although nightmares can occasionally be arbitrary formations of the subconscious mind with no special interpretation that is more profound, in many instances nightmares really do have significance or special causes behind them. They are able to let you look into feelings and your ideas to get a better gauge of your present emotional or mental state. Listed below are ten of the most common kinds of nightmares that as they sleep, along with insights into what they frequently mean people have a tendency to experience.

Natural Disasters


Perhaps you have found yourself or maybe an approaching twister that’s tearing apart trees and houses? These sorts of nightmares are said to signify a sense of imminent panic or stress in the individual having the dream. This relates to the individual holding tension and tension throughout their daily life since the weather is unpredictable and cannot be restrained. This can result from stress or nervousness about anything from a test, to a physician’s appointment, to an address that was mandatory, to relationship problems.

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Seeing the Dead

Zombies By Icedcoffee

In this chilling kind of nightmare, you feel like you’re being contacted or approached by someone who’s not alive. This can be by arbitrary individuals whom you feel in the dream that you don’t really understand, or someone you know who has lately passed away. These sorts of nightmares can be correlated with an inability to let go. For instance, if you’re having nightmares about your recently departed grandmother, the cause could be that you’re fighting to cope with her loss. These nightmares may also be linked with dread of the unknown and worry about personal sickness. People who have terminal or life threatening health problems frequently experience these kinds of nightmares.

Missing Significant Occasions


Nightmares about missing an important appointment, your wedding or some other special occasion are especially common in individuals who live a fast paced and high pressure life, although they are able to occur to anyone. These sorts of nightmares in many cases are linked to stress about failing or being unable to perform up to expectations. Individuals who experience these nightmares might not be aware of how much negativity and suppressed tension they’ve about coming or neglecting.


Screen Shot 2012-10-31 At 10.57.36 Am

Being nude in public looks like a funny predicament – at least, after you wake up – but this sort of nightmare can be related to a much larger problem. These nightmares in many cases are experienced by people that have problems with self-image issues and low self esteem problems. Being nude in public may associate to worry of being judged by others. To the man having the nightmares, this can be quite unsettling.


Teeth Nightmare By Jacquijax

This is another kind of dream that plays on the insecurities of the man having it. Much like the nightmare about being nude in public, nightmares about teeth are frequently a representation of the person being full of inner turmoil and tension about being judged by others on their physical look.



The cause is frequently some feeling of weakness inside their own private lives when individuals experience nightmares of being injured or injure. Dreaming about breaking bones or injuries can be your brain’s way of alerting you that you’re feeling susceptibility or weakness in one part of your life or another. Finding out what your weaknesses are and working on enhancing them can help alleviate such a nightmare.

Partner Leaving


Nightmares about a man’s partner or significant other leaving them are undoubtedly one of the kinds rooted in real life. This can be a clear-cut nightmare that only signifies a sense of apprehension from the person about their partner being alone and leaving them. Feelings of insecurity can also cause such a nightmare in the relationship where the person believes they’re subpar or not good enough for their partner.

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Being Trapped


Dreams about being trapped are fairly common for people who have problems with claustrophobic tension, a state in which a man has a fear of being in little spaces where they become stuck and cannot go. Nevertheless, kinds of people who are afraid of being unable to get out of their present scenario, including a negative relationship, a dead end job or fiscal difficulties can also experience such a nightmare they believe they cannot escape. The nightmare can be a manifestation of anxiety about not having the ability to reach your full potential as a result of conditions.



About not being in control of yourself nightmares about falling are frequently a representation of stress in your private life. These tensions in many cases are due to problems with vocations, relationships, money or some type of mistreatment. The feeling of falling to certain death relates to the individual feeling that they’re not able to command scenario in, their life, or a specific facet of. People that are in high places of power frequently share these nightmares, but believe they cannot command specific parts of their life.

Being Pursued or Assaulted


This is undoubtedly the most common of all the nightmares which people have a tendency to experience. Nightmares in this classification can cope with being pursued or attacked by individuals, animals or paranormal creatures. These kinds of dreams are often of being scared of confrontation seeing something in your life symptoms. This can be an uncontrollable teacher, a pushy leader, an abusive parent or an unhealthy intimate relationship. The feeling of being chased is usually an indication of being unable to face challenging scenarios within your private life. Additionally, your real life may also influences your activities within the dream. As an example, if you end up hiding in fear in the dream, this may suggest that that’s how you’re coping with your issues in real life. Taking note of your activities within the dream may allow you to discover a correlation between your real life activities and the nightmare that can assist you to cope with the issue.

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