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Top 10 Everyday Things We Forget

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Everyday looks the same. You awaken, take a shower (or bath), eat a quick breakfast, perhaps pick up some coffee or tea and you’re on your way to work/school. But day-to-day is different, every day folks appear to forget to do something that they do weekly or nearly daily. That’s what this list is about

Clothing Stickers


Matter We Forget: Taking the size decal off of your new clothing.

You purchase your new pair of jeans, they make your butt look great and they’re decent priced (haha). You take them home, take all of the labels off, and wear them. Afterward your buddy says it’s the size decal and “Hey what’s that on your trousers?”. Whether it says “34-30 mens” or “size 4 women” it was sticking to the side of your jeans for hours. You get clothing and new pants on a regular basis yet still folks constantly forget to take that small decal off.

Eating the Fish

Keegan Allen Fish

Matter We Forget: Feeding the Fish.

Anyone who has ever had any fish understand they’re very simple to take care of. You purchase them, place stone in the base and some scene if you want, plop them in several gallons of water and clean it every once every so often. They may be pure amusement for folks that simply need to take a seat and look at them, yet there always appears to be one thing people forget. Upon leaving their house for school or work they forget to feed the fish. This isn’t the end of the world for they wo’t expire after a day of not being fed but not feeding them for some time and you got some bottoms-up fish in your hands, so remember to feed them tomorrow?



Matter We Forget: Flushing the toilet.

Use a buddy’s restroom and see the water is yellowish? I’m certain it’s occurred more than once, and generally it’s not due to someone being obscene or rude, they generally simply forget. They immediately complete their action subsequently run to get it maybe and get a phone call. For whatever motive toilets do’t consistently get flushed and when you understand it you feel better luck next time, like an idiot.



Matter We Forget: Sending out letters/bundles.

Your mom’s birthday is right around the corner, you purchase a card that says how amazing of a mom she’s and her a pretty necklace. You place them in a box to be sent and wrap them up and it sits in the rear of your auto for weeks. Happy Belated Birthday Mother! This works for transportation your taxes out or sending a get well soon card. I understand on greater than one occasion that I ‘ve had a package I should send sits in the back seat of my car for a lengthy time period, whoops.



Matter We Forget: Taking your medication.

Millions of girls across the world are on birth control, a medication you could have an oops baby on your own hands or you have to consider daily. Regular thousands (maybe millions, who knows?) forget to take it. Many people need to take cancer drugs, or they every and pain medicine daily forget. You quickly take it most times when you figure out you’ve forgotten it, but nevertheless, every morning millions of people wake up and go to work and their medication is still sitting unaffected.

Recipe Items


Matter We Forget: A thing for a recipe you plan on making.

Okay, this calls for some flour, 2 eggs, and milk – but you forgot to pick up the milk, well there goes that idea. Millions of things regular go un-purchased by those who want them. You forget the cheese, or the butter, or the milk. You write a list down (or you get a call in your cell telling you to pick up something) and it simply eases your head when you get there or you just plain forget to write it down. There are two options, either do’t make a quick stop at the local market and pick it up, or make it. What a waste of pricey petrol.



Matter We Forget: Turning off/unplugging appliances.

Leave the house just to return and understand the range continues to be on, or your curling iron continues to be plugged in? Yeah, me too. You feel dumb for a couple of minutes and then it passes just to return when you leave your TV on all night. Not only does this run your electric bill up but it may also be dangerous depending on what it was that you left on.


Trash-Cans-For-Garbage-Separation-By-Shi-Yali-Asiastockimages-Com-Qpps 394455202778997

Matter We Forget: Take the waste out.

Tuesday it’s and it’s garbage day! Now it’s Wednesday and you’ve got a full can of trash which you forgot to take out the night before. Now you’ve got to smell old milk, cheese, and meat for the next 7 or 6 days – yuck! Every week all you must do is throw it in the dumpster out back or walk out your trash to the curb but you forget at least one time every few weeks or months.

Special Occasions

Special Occasion

Matter We Forget: Birthdays/anniversaries/special occasions.

You cuddle up with your woman and had a great overall are prepared for bed and night, “What did you get me?” you freak and she inquires –, “OMG IT’S OUR ANNIVERSARY TODAY!” I understand it’s very clichéd, because it occurs every day but it’s clichéd. Your birthday is forgotten by a best friend, you forget it’s you and your girlfriend you forget to call your mum on mom’s day. So do’t fret it occurs to everyone, eventually it’ll blow over where in that case it may be improved, unless you’ve got a particularly horrible significant other he/she left you


7524-Iphone4 Desk

Matter We Forget: Keys/cellphone/bag/wallet.

You likely forget one of these things whether you forgot where you lost it and place it, or you simply forgot to bring it with you. You forget your credit card at house and go to the shop, you left your keys in – it’s part of life losing these things it looks and go to unlock your car. It’s joked about sitting right before you on the table or simply always with individuals forgetting where you place your darn keys to locate them wedged in sofa pillows. It occurs to everyone weekly for whatever motive. At least you can phone you cell phone – unless it’s on quiet (bs!).

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