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This Pup Doesn’t Need Help From Her Human To Get Around Town

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Cats generally get the reputation for being independent pets, but this Seattle pup is placing them all in their own area with her degree of self sufficiency.

The stunning black lab mix, named Eclipse, knows her way around the large city”s bus system and can frequently be seen riding from her house to the dog park all by herself. With a stop right outside her house and an owner who was taking too long to complete his smoke, the impatient pooch hopped on and now it”s part of her regular routine.

All the bus drivers greet her with a grin and understand Eclipse.

All the bus drivers know Eclipse and greet her with a smile.

Her fellow passengers love sharing their commute with the cutie.

Her fellow passengers also enjoy sharing their commute with the cutie.

Owner Jeff Young describes, “We get separated. She gets on the bus without me, and I catch up with her at the dog park.”

Owner Jeff Young explains,

He also says she”s been “urbanized” after living in the city for two years.

He also says she

Young has gotten used to Eclipse”s rambling manners, but says he gets a call about once per week from someone saying they”ve “discovered” her around town. “I need to tell them,” he clarifies, “”No. She”s fine.” She understands what she”s doing.”

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Though the pup doesn”t pay for the ride, she does spend the journey licking the seats and railings “clean,” so she”s definitely doing her part. I wish my fellow commuters were cute.

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