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This Is One Reason Why Asians Look Younger Than Westerners — Koreaboo

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Reports and claims about never-aging East Asians are heard frequently from the mouths of immigrants, however here’s what Koreans need to say about the matter.While Westerners have set their minds on learning the tricks to concealing their age and looking more youthful, Koreans are particular that the issue lies totally elsewhere.In a current post on an online community portal, Koreans discussed that Asians typically look younger in general due to the fact that young Westerners have the tendency to make themselves appear older than their age, such as through fashion and makeup.Western makeup patterns position focus on the value of contouring, mixing various eyeshadow colors to create

depth, and bold lipstick colors.Asian makeup patterns are more simplistic and favor a no-makeup appearance, where they use less eyeshadow, less contouring, and gently pigmented lip tints instead of lipstick.Check out the substantial difference in appearance in between these teen celebrities listed below: Rather many are tricked by Kylie Jenner’s looks to believe that she’s older than the 19 years she is. Source

: kyliejenner Hard to believe it, however TWICE member, Mina, was also born in 1997, similar to Kylie Jenner. Source: @OneFor2wice
Johnny Depp‘s beautiful daughter, Lily-Rose Depp, is only 17 years of age. Source: American singer and starlet, Madison Beer, simply turned 18 this year. Source: Galore Born in 1999, TWICE’s Tzuyu Represents the same age group as Madison! Source: The Studio
Victoria’s Secret design Romee Strijd looks extremely glamorous for a 21-year-old! Source: Pinterest AOA’s Seolhyun is likewise 21 years old!
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