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This Adorable Duckling Is Learning How To Swim For The Very First Time

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Whether we”re talking about taking our first wobbly steps as a baby, or starting a brand new job in our adult lives, there”s nothing quite as frightening as the unpredictable results of trying something out of the ordinary. Particularly if we”d only just gotten accustomed to crawling, metaphorically or literally.

But no one needs to spend their entire life so we put on our brave faces shuffling about on the floor and move forward. That”s just what this nervous little duckling is learning while making his first effort at swimming around all on his own.

“Only gotta confront it head on…”

“Psh, I understood I”d be a natural.”

"Psh, I knew I

See the entire adorable clip here:

(source BuzzFeedVideo)

He”s so proud of himself…as he should be! Now there”s nothing that can keep this cutie from beating the world.

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