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These Sculptures Are Made From An Everyday Item, But You’ll Never Guess What

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Artist Augusto Esquivel creates sculptures using not only an unexpected medium, but also uses it in an unexpected way. To create his life-sized, three-dimensional pieces, he uses buttons and thread. But he doesn”t sew the buttons to anything. Oh no. Instead, Esquivel hangs the buttons on the thread to create a 3D sculpture using nothing but meticulously sorted colored buttons.

Esquivel”s sculptures explore appearance and expectation versus reality, with the strings of buttons masquerading as a solid, substantial objects. But in reality, they”re just a fragile arrangement of parts.

Little Eden

<i>Little Eden</i>

Carousel Horse

<i>Carousel Horse</i>

String Bass

<i>String Bass</i>



A detail of Balloons

A detail of <i>Balloons</i>

(via Where The Cool Things Happen)

As you can see, Esquival”s sculptures run the gamut from still life objects of varying sizes, to miniature landscapes to abstract forms. He can even create portraits using strands of buttons hung in a two-dimensional, curtain-like arrangement. Even though on their own they might seem insignificant, the buttons come together, each one playing a vital role in the final product. “Like an atom in a molecule, each button serves and shapes the whole,” Esquival explains on his site.

Upright Piano

<i>Upright Piano</i>

Mounted Unicorn

<i>Mounted Unicorn</i>

Various pieces

Various pieces

A more abstract piece

A more abstract piece

Audrey Hepburn

<i>Audrey Hepburn</i>

The buttons don”t always form three-dimensional objects. When arranged in a curtain-like hanging, they can also make portraits!

You can see more of Esquival”s button and thread art on his website, including a really impressive rendition of the Mona Lisa, and you can keep up with his latest projects on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.



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