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These 21 Students Left Totally Brilliant Quotes In Their Yearbooks. No One Will Forget Them!

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Every year, seniors throughout the nation are faced with the pressures and tensions related to graduation. They should plan their future, prepare themselves financially to be an adult and… come up with an awe-inspiring quote for the yearbook. How will they be remembered by future generations? These pupils either cracked up under the pressure or created quotations which are so brilliance, they”re uproarious. It”s difficult to tell which is which here, but all of these quotations share one quality: they”re uproarious.

1.) She”s either insane or awe-inspiring. I can”t tell.

1.) She

2.) Amazing.

2.) Awesome.

3.) She’s wise beyond her years.

3.) She is wise beyond her years.

4.) I believe we’ve a Harry Potter fanatic, here.

4.) I think we have a Harry Potter fan, here.

5.) Oh, honey.

5.) Oh, honey.

6.) This really is that which we call a “epic win.”

6.) This is what we call an

7.) Uhhh. Yikes.

7.) Uhhh. Yikes.

8.) Of COURSE he”s a celebrity now.

8.) Of COURSE he

9.) You don’t have to brag, President Of The Yearbook Committee.

9.) No need to brag, President Of The Yearbook Committee.

10.) Brilliant? Hilarious? Both.

10.) Brilliant? Hilarious? Both.

11.) Fighting racism and being amazing, all at the same time.

11.) Fighting racism and being awesome, all at once.

12.) He eternally had the last word.

12.) He forever had the last word.

13.) Absolutely.

13.) Totally.

14.) I don”t understand if he”s being amusing… or extremely strange.

14.) I don

15.) I ‘ve feeling

15.) I have a feeling they were BFFs.

16.) Do what you love, child.

16.) Do what you love, kid.



18.) Lucas… LOL.

18.) Lucas...LOL.

19.) This girl is a genius.

19.) This girl is a genius.

20.) I”ll accept this quotation as amazing.

20.) I

21.) Ah yes, the dreaded chain letter quotation.

21.) Ah yes, the dreaded chain letter quote.

(H/T Mashable) Now, don”t you just feel stupid for using some generic quotation by a politician or philosopher? These children had to be voted Most Memorable in the yearbook as well… because how could they not be? They deserve it.

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