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The USS John McCain Just Hit An Oil Tanker. Trump’s Action Is Disgusting

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In a terrible turn of events, ten U.S. Navy sailors have actually gone missing and 5 are injured after the USS John McCain destroyer , we will share it.!.?.!The occurrence comes on the heels of Trump’s upcoming address to the

country at 9 p.m. Monday night, where he is anticipated to reveal a rise of as many as 4,000 new troops into Afghanistan. This move, nevertheless, would be available in sharp contrast to Trump’s declarations dating back to 2011, where he staunchly opposed military intervention of any kind in that country.A likely justification for this abrupt modification of heart is the fact that

Trump is trying to find a distraction upon returning from what is thought to be the most destructive week of his presidency. The President’s failure to condemn white supremacists and neo-Nazis at two different rallies– in Charlottesville, Virginia and Boston, Massachusetts– has overthrown the West Wing and caused a slew of prominent criticisms.The truth that Trump cannot be bothered to even feign distress at the prospect of numerous U.S. navy

sailors’ lives being lost, while at the exact same time preparing to send out thousands more Americans overseas is a testament to just how self-serving this male really is.

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