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The iPad Transforms Autism Learning Experience.

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At the age of 10, Leo received his first iPad in 2010. The iPad transformed his experiences in learning and play as it did for countless of other autistic people. Leo’s mother believes that iPads are so suited for people with autism instead of being text-based it is the graphics using icons that make it so great! Being simplified, the iPad has a consistent grid app layout allowing Leo to use his motor planning in addition to visuals. Motor predictability is an important factor for autistic people whose body doesn’t move in the direction they want it to.



The super nice thing about the iPad is they allow the pace to be managed by the user so choices are not rushed allowing the autistic time to process input. In a world of hurry up and instant satisfaction can be very overwhelming for anyone autistic. So the iPad for Leo is not a toy nor is it just a tool but according to Leo’s mother it is his oasis, and sanctuary.

Over the years the apps for iPad have evolved and grown with Leo making his learning and entertainment self-directed. One of the significant changes to the iPad that helped Leo was when Guided Access became available. The guided access assisted Leo on focusing on one app instead of jumping between apps. Timers help with anxiety caused by the one autistic characteristic of what happens next and when the anxiousness of going back to what they want to do. There are apps today that are designed for special needs and development. Early learning apps will appeal to visual and audio over text-based which make these apps excellent tools that help the autistic brain and also the stages of apps that allow growth and advancement with appropriate content.

Leo’s Mom says Leo still continues to be drawn to many of the same apps he liked when he was first introduced to the iPad being familiar and predictable.
The most important she stated in the application advancement has been in Augmentative and Alternative Communication apps. For example when Leo went through a formal AAC evaluation, the evaluator recommended an expensive device that was dedicated symbol-to-speech. Using an iPad today the same type of software is available to use with the iPad.


More app developers are prioritizing the interests and overlooked needs of the autistic. With this advancement of apps that are geared more to helping with issues that autistic people have BiWeeklyBuzz.com wants to giveaway a free iPad. 1. Make a comment below on your thoughts on this subject. 2. Tag someone in comments who you think would be interested in this giveaway 3. Like this page. If we get enough interest then Be On the Look Out for our post to register.

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