The Greatest Sports Rivalries In The World

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Competing in a sport isn’t a game. Its extreme. The competition is intense. Emotions can run high. Standings are on the line. So it’s no real surprise that extreme competitions can grow between players and teams. As a true supporter seeing in the stands or on TV, you can get just as emotional and excited as the players youre seeing. Picture your team is going to wallop their largest competitor, when out of the blue, someone on the opposite team makes a crazy play, shot, catch, or hit. Game over! Your team only lost! Go ahead, cry. Arrrgh! It didnt occur. Hopeless. Youll be discussing and arguing about it for weeks. And thats the finest sports competitions are the best shows on world.

Which of these sports competitions have you



Lakers v. Celtics
Competitions dont get any larger than this one or last as long.
It all began when the Celtics and the Lakers faced off in the 1959 NBA Finals. Ever since then, both teams have fought with 12 times to determine the leagues winner. The Celtics won nine of these assemblies, but the Lakers won three of the past four. The competition was the most extreme in the late 80s when the Lakers and Magic Johnson faced off against the Celtics and Larry Bird. These two teams have won a 33 out of 69 total NBA tournaments. Astonishing! 17; LA 16 was won by the Celts. The competition continues.



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