Strangers And Celebrities Are Helping This Dying Boy Get His Final Wish

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One little boy who’s fighting with rhabdomyosarcoma, a rare type of pediatric cancer, had a simple wish which he needed folks to help him grant before he passed away: to be well-known in China. But unfortunately, after learning that his cancer is terminal, Dorian recognized he’d never get to travel to China and make that wish come true.

That is when stars and strangers across the world did something unbelievable. People everywhere are shooting uplifting photographs to stand in solidarity with Dorian.

Listen to what this means to be #DStrong.

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Isn’t he incredible?

That’s why it did not take long for folks in China to make his vision come true.

But it did not cease there. His wish propagate throughout the world.

Individuals have assembled on shores that were local to share their support.

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And some have taken #DStrong to the football field!

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This lad’s message has caught so many hearts all over the world.

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We guarantee to keep this story

Although the analysis of Dorian is terminal, he made his wish come true. Now it is our turn. Shoot a picture with sign by posting it to Facebook and Twitter and stand in solidarity with Dorian.

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