Spicer Was Just Asked To Name A Trump Accomplishment. His Answer is HUMILIATING

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Today, at the daily White House briefing, National Journal correspondent George Condon tossed Sean Spicer a softball, and Trump’s Press Secretary struck out big time. (Video below.)

“Looking ahead to the 100-day mark and setting an side executive orders,” Condon asked, “can you say what the single piece of legislation that you are proudest that you got through the Congress that was on the president’s agenda?

Everybody knew this question would be coming and yet, Spicer could not name one legislative accomplishment in the three-month presidency of Donald Trump.

To be fair, Spicer should not receive the lion’s share of the blame for this. The main fault is not with the spokesman’s preparation, but the fact that in 89 days, Trump has yet to pass a single piece of legislation that he promised the American people.

Still, the lack of substance didn’t stop Spicer from verbally dancing around the question for a full minute. He made excuses like, “we’ve got a little days before we hit the 100-day mark” and “there’s a lot of executive orders,” before turning to the Congressional Review Act, which has been Trump’s mechanism for removing consumer protections.

It must be seen to be believed.

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