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Special Prosecutor Mueller Just Hired A Watergate Veteran & A Mafia-Buster For Trump-Russia Probe

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As the country anxiously awaits ex-FBI Director James Comey’s testament prior to the Senate intelligence committee on Thursday, the special examination into Trump’s possible collusion with Russia quietly gains steam. Another former FBI Director, Robert Mueller– the special prosecutor in charge of the investigation– has been assembling an all-star group to make sure the truth is finally totally revealed to the American public.Politico reports that Mueller has actually worked with prosecutors with experience examining the Mafia, Enron, and the Watergate scandal.The pedigree of the group Mueller is assembling says a lot about how he expects the investigation to continue. These are males and females used to removing the most corrupt breeds of political leaders and lawbreakers. Additionally, they’re used to handling far more proficient malefactors than Trump and his lackeys, so it seems safe to presume that if there is even a shred of misbehavior, it will be uncovered.Mueller has likewise worked with Andrew Weissman, the leader of the DOJ’s criminal scams system.

Weissman oversaw examinations into the Enron fraud scandal as well as prosecuted the notorious Gambino, Genovese, and Colombo crime families.So far the group has been concentrated on reviewing all of the materials that have accumulated at the FBI and DOJ.

Once they’re in possession of all the facts readily available up until now, the battle-hardened detectives will be able to start out. The combined experience of the team indicates it will be well geared up to follow the trail through any way of impropriety or obstruction they may encounter.Trump ought to be extremely anxious.

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