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Seth Rogan Just Hilariously Responded To Trump’s Tweet ‘Beating Up’ CNN

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Following Trump’s ludicrous tweet today depicting him “physically assaulting” CNN, actor Seth Rogan provided a tweet matched in its hilarity only by its cunning.Remember the time the president photoshopped the logo design of a news business on a person then tweeted a video of him phony wrestling that logo?Rogan has an unique affinity for calling out the ridiculous; Trump’s tweet, then, provides him plenty of material. To

restate, this is the President of the United States of America, who modified a decade-old wrestling clip– improperly– to reveal himself”fake fumbling”that logo. Rogan is probably just sentimental for a time when America was in fact the leader of the free world, instead of the laughing stock of it.While the White Home continues to incorrectly assert that “the president in no chance, form, or style has ever encouraged any type of violence,” this classless video tells a

various story. Trump, for his part, in fact has a long and sordid previous rife with promos of violence.Trump in NC on Weds:”In the excellent old days this does not take place due to the fact that they utilized to treat them extremely, very rough. “!.?.!The President has even been took legal action against for this extremely charge. Throughout his project, when a protestor appeared at his rally, Trump ordered his supporters to”get ’em out

of here,”which resulted in a violent attack. A federal judge in Kentucky ruled that the protesters’injuries were a” direct and near outcome”of the President’s words.”It is plausible that Trump’s direction to’get ’em out of here’promoted the use of force. It was an order, a guideline, a command.” It’s telling of the state of the Republican politician Party when a comedy star is bringing to light the absurdist habits of the President of the United States.

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