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Saudi Arabian King Shakes Melania’s Hand Upon Her Arrival, Despite Quran

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President Trump and First Lady Melania came down Flying force One in Saudi Arabia’s capital city of Riyadh on Saturday morning, and as normal, the mainstream media is falling all over themselves to report the best criticisms they can turn up with.Funny enough, the widespread fixation with critiquing the President has the media missing out on the genuine story on this one.Women are anticipated to cover their heads as part of the hijab requirement of the Saudi Arabian federal government, but Melania forewent the covering over the weekend, as have many female world leaders in the past.Looking extraordinary, as always.Naturally, liberals are up in arms over one of

Trump’s tweets from back in 2015,

when he criticized then-First Lady Michelle Obama for making the very same option to forego a headscarf on a Saudi Arabia visit.But once again, because the leftist media is hung up on the President’s tweets from years before his presidency, they’re missing the real story– the Saudi Arabian King shook Melania’s hand.The Quran prohibits Muslim men from shaking hands with women.And Muslims are kinda pissed about it.According to the Quran and Hadiths, Muslim men strictly forbidden

to shake hands with non-Musim women. The King must be a special Muslim

?!.?.!But why question the leader of a nation that’s

officially overbearing to ladies when you could criticize the leader of the free world instead?

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