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Ranking the Most Savage Celebrity Pranks on Punk’d

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We owe a lot to Ashton Kutcher. He provided us Kelso, the inspiration to join Twitter, faith in true love, and, perhaps most essential, he gave us Punk ‘d. In 2003, Kutcher and his pal Jason Goldberg produced one of the most talk-about television shows of all time. As the host of Punk ‘d, Kutcher played fancy, devious pranks on Hollywood’s elite. And all of us kicked back and laughed as we enjoyed Kanye West, Britney Spears, Serena Williams, as well as his now-wife Mila Kunis, experience worry, shame, stress and anxiety, and, ultimately, relief in the period of a couple of short minutes. Truth tv is a present for which we are not worthwhile.

In 2007, Kutcher released millions of angsty teenagers a destructive blow when he announced Punk ‘d had run its course and would end. The world turned dark. Until 5 years later, when the show amazingly returned to MTV, just this time without its courageous leader. Truthfully, though, everyone got over that pretty fast because, hello, it’s Punk ‘d, the embodiment of prank shows! Each episode was led by a various celeb who would prank other celebrities, often their buddies and confidants. This time, the pranks were more elaborate, involved several more surges, and likewise invited viewers to behind-the-scenes video of how the stunts were set up. Punk ‘d formally wrapped in 2012.

In honor of April Fool’s Day, we raise a covert microphone to Kutcher and his late, fantastic work of art, as we reflect on eight celebs you forgot were victims of the program (other than Justin Timberlake since who could forget that, amirite?).

Remember when Beyonce messed up Christmas? Okay, well not exactly. Remember when she believed she did? In 2003, Bey unconsciously starred in Punk ‘d‘s Christmas episode. While visiting with a group of children, she attempts to crown a several-story-high Christmas tree with a star. The tree, naturally, immediately crashes to the ground, smashing all the kids’s presents listed below. The diva, dressed to the nines in a sultry Santa costume, looks on frightened, really persuaded she’s ruined everything.

We all understand Drake is a delicate soul and it would be suggest to mess with his feelings (however also actually funny). In Season 9, a fired up and genuinely grateful Drizzy was led to think he was being driven to fulfill the Vice President (Joe Biden). When the car gets to its area, a faux earthquake rocks the parking lot and the pretend secret service representatives make a break for it. The rap artist is then delegated deal with a group of complete strangers asking him for aid, consisting of a pregnant female and her erratic other half (who might or might not wind up phony tazing her).

No doubt Tyler, The Developer is a fan of a well-executed trick. When Bam Margera punk ‘d him in season 9, it was all in good fun. Tyler was deceived into thinking he blew up an entire taco truck while shooting marketing materials and doing press for a charity drive. A stuntman who acted as though he was lit on fire was a gentle included touch. Perhaps the most outrageous aspect of Tyler’s episode was that he’s caught smiling (most likely nervously) a few times directly after the explosion while he comes to grips with his shock. Like we said, Tyler loves a great trick.

What’s better than a celebrity punking another star? A celebrity thinking they’re doing the punking when they are in truth being punked. Case in point: prankster Bieber is back once again, however this time his target is set on Miley Cyrus. Cyrus hatched a plan to have Bieber get bargained by a lot of skater men, however he flips the trick back on her when he pretends to go outrageous and begins attacking the group, kicking one guy in the stomach, and running. Cyrus go crazy at the unforeseen outburst right as he reveals himself by repeatedly screaming “you can’t punk me!” He calls it “The Switcheroo.”

There’s something about young Taylor Swift that strikes us as exceedingly prankable. And Justin Bieber took complete advantage in season 9 of Punk ‘d, setting Swift up for a stunt that ended in tears. Bieber talked Swift into releasing off a firework. It released further than anticipated, setting a boat on fire– a boat with an entire wedding celebration aboard– leaving the singer to think she had destroyed somebody’s wedding.

Back to redeem herself from Bieber’s punk swap, Miley Cyrus set up a best punk for Liam Hemsworth whom she describes as a “prankster” himself. The couple stops to grab money at an ATM when Hemsworth hops from the automobile, a naked couple leaps in. Cyrus feigns outrage and Hemsworth switches into complete Aussie mode, screaming at the couple and banging on the cars and truck windows. Ah, puppy love.

Ashton went back to host an episode of Punk ‘d throughout season 9 and tried his hardest to punk Kim Kardashian. Employing the assistance of Scott Disick, the prank was established so Kim would think someone had stolen Scott’s wallet while he was pumping gas, causing him to repel with the nozzle still in the cars and truck, which results in an explosion. The authorities show up and put Scott in handcuffs. Despite the exceptionally remarkable scene, Kim stays her trademark level of calm even when a phony fan renounces his love for the Kardashians. She generally shrugs the whole thing off. Iconic.

In probably the most remarkable episode of Punk ‘d ever, everybody’s sweetheart Justin Timberlake tossed an absolute fit when he was led to think $900,000 of his personal valuables, including his home and pet dog, would be repossessed since he owed that amount in back taxes. The trick decreased in infamy when Time listed it as number three on their list of 32 Legendary Moments in Reality TELEVISION History. However, TBH, we would’ve sobbed too if someone informed us they were taking our canines away. We’re with you, JT.



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