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Putin Just Humiliated Trump With A Surprise Offer To James Comey

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Following months of escalating stress in between Trump and James Comey, Russian President Vladimir Putin stepped in with an offer for the former FBI Director. At an interview, Putin provided to give political asylum to Comey.

“If Comey will be under the risk of political persecution, we are ready to accept him here,” Putin stated, according to Russian state media outlet TASS.

Putin’s choice to blatantly mock the stress in between the President and former FBI Director is proof of the Russian President’s sense of impunity when it concerns Trump; he understands that, while our President is quick to attack our allies, he will never ever confront Putin.Putin even presumed as

to liken Comey to Edward Snowden, the National Security Company leaker. Snowden, obviously, is another sore area in United States-Russian relations, as he was approved asylum in Russia in the face of fierce opposition by the U.S.

“This is unusual,” Putin mused. “How then is the director of the FBI any different from Snowden? He is not a head of the special services, however a human rights activist.”

Friction between Trump and Comey reached their peak at last week’s open hearing, where the previous FBI Director affirmed that Trump had indeed every American intelligence firm has declared with certainty that Russia meddled in the 2016 election, our “strong” President refuses to acknowledge the obvious. Due to the fact that Putin helped set up Trump, he will never challenge his Russian equivalent. At this moment, Putin is not only dabbling Trump, but humiliating the United States while doing so.

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